Entry #1

The Simple Plot of MGS

2015-07-22 17:28:08 by dentrodelvjuego


I just finished animation completely, thanks to the whole community of newgrounds for the support I received even having submitted incomplete.


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2015-07-22 17:39:32

Great animation! The art was really great but the expressions could have been done a lot better. Still a lot of great work went into this. Great job!


2015-07-22 18:07:50

Your art pieces are unique! Your movies were exciting and funny to watch, your defiantly talented! Keep up the awesome work! If you want to you can check out my comedy art, some of them are funny some of them aren't. I have to be honest. :D


2015-07-22 22:41:59

Been listening to this same song over and over and OVER and OVER AND OVER!!!! All because of everyone doing animations of this song.

Awesome animation and keep up the good work.


2015-07-22 23:53:32

this is so cool i love how pixely it looks